Less Plastic

We aren't perfect (far from it, actually), but we try our best at F/A to push ourselves to grow. It's so easy to get caught in the busyness of life, to go with the flow and be okay with status-quo, but deep down we know we can do better. 

We've found that making little changes in our lives, small habit shifts, are the most sustainable for long term changes. In honor of Plastic Free July, we are taking a closer look at our daily plastic usage and making a commitment to try harder.

A few ways:

1. Packing our own cutlery and drink containers for those coffee shop runs. Even better? Plan ahead and bring food or coffee from home.

2. Say no to grocery store plastic. Reusable market totes  are a great start, but it's also important to look at all of the packaging. Buying real fruit instead of bottled juices, boxes of laundry soap instead of plastic jugs, or bulk dry goods with reusable bags can significantly cut down on plastic (and the grocery bill).

3. Eating at a restaurant instead of getting take out not only helps our family slow down and spend time together, but dining in means real plates, forks, and glassware. Just make sure to remind the server to leave out the straws and give little ones real glasses instead of kiddie cups + lids. 

4. Speaking of kids on the go, we love packing snacks in these canvas lunch bags and bringing metal (ie: unbreakable) water bottles to the park.

5. Buff up on our recycling rules and set up new containers in the shop to set up our team for success. St Louis City Recycles is a great resource for locals (and in our neighborhood)!

What are some ways you try to consume and waste less plastic? It isn't easy!

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