Houseplants 101

We've tried to raise more houseplants than we would like to admit. No, this isn’t because we’ve fulfilled our dream of having an expansive, eclectic collection of plants. It’s because no matter what we did, we couldn’t seem to keep them alive.

It wasn’t until someone at our local nursery made a joke about our “black thumbs,” that we decided it was time to take things into our own hands, and searched "houseplants 101."


In our research, we realized we were making one major, ironic mistake: we weren't doing any research! We were purchasing pretty plants with interior design in mind, neglecting the needs of the plant itself. It turns out; learning about the houseplant and what it requires to stay healthy is extremely helpful in keeping it alive. Who knew.

Raising houseplants has now turned into a hobby of ours. So today, we're sharing what we believe to be the four basic staples of houseplants 101, so you, too, can claim your green thumb.


Consideration 1: Light
First, think about where you want to put the plant. What kind of light does the space get? The amount of light each plant needs to survive can vary greatly. Bright light plants like aloe vera, jade and spider plants are low maintenance and make great windowsill plants. Low light plants like calathea, philodendron and ZZ plants are perfect for home accents in places that may not see that much sun.

Consideration 2: Container
Which came first – the planter or the plant? We've been guilty of falling for the perfect planter, and then picking the cutest plant to put in it, not paying attention to how it drains. But different plants prefer different drainage, and you will want to make sure the planter can deliver. We love vintage planters that are dynamic, while not overpowering your plant.

Consideration 3: Needs
Do you travel a lot for work? Plants that need to be watered or trimmed often may not be the best option. Cacti and succulents are extremely low maintenance and need very low levels of water, but pay attention as some may need more light than others. Air plants are also a great option – especially when coupled with these ceramic air plant hangers.

Consideration 4: Animals
Some plants can be anywhere from harmful to deadly to animals, so if you have pets at home, make sure you avoid bringing them into your home. The ASPCA has a full list you can check out here


Do you have any tips or tricks for tending to houseplants? We'd love to hear!

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