Inspiration: Nature's Neutrals

At the beginning of each season, we all seem to look for ways to freshen up our spaces in a way that feels current and inspiring. While a sleek, modern look is timeless in our minds, we're ready to take an earthier approach as we head into this spring.

Nature's neutrals, colors like moss and fern and terra cotta, mix in with whites and woods seamlessly. Muted but cheerful, these colors bring the outdoors into our spaces without even snipping a branch from the neighbors tree, although that's something we also have on the top of our to-do list.


Incorporating a few more playful items this season is also something we're craving to boost morale after what seems like a really long and cold winter. It feels quirky and collector-ish and is just plain fun. It's easy for this to feel overwhelming and cluttered, but by sticking to a theme and grouping items together, a collection feels intentional, thoughtful, and interesting.


Mixing tones also keeps things light and playful. Our focus is less on matching wood and more on what "goes." Plants, earthy ceramics, and vintage art pieces are inspiring for creativity and at the same time instantly calming. Combine any natural elements (wood, metal, ceramic) and you can't go wrong.

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 What are you leaning towards this season? We always love to hear. 
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